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Bullying has become a worldwide epidemic. Every year countless people take their lives as a last resort to escape the torment. Bullying has evolved from the physical world and has taken a new form in today’s modern online world. The mental torment inflicted by cyberbullying can be worse than a physical beating. These emotional wounds can take decades to heal and in some cases never do.
This leaves us with a perplexing question, how can we help prevent this? What if there was a person whose special ability was connecting with students? What if instead of lecturing the students we could make them unite against bullying on their own terms? Unkle Adams does just that by using his musical talent and hip-hop status to teach students the power of good decision making. He makes it “cool” to stand up for others and to act as a counter-bully.

On September 14th of 2013, Unkle Adams released an anti-bullying music video on YouTube. This video was made in support of “I Am Stonger” anti-bullying campaign based out of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. He titled the song Unkle Adams – I Am Stronger. He designed this song to raise awareness about bullying and to mend the broken spirits of those being bullied. The music video went viral and has become THE anti-bullying anthem for tens of thousands of people across the globe. Due to popular demand and public request, Unkle Adams put together a full anti-bullying presentation that he is currently traveling to schools far and wide to present. His leadership and anti-bullying initiatives have been recognized by the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly.

This POWERFUL presentation runs 45 minutes + 15-30 minutes afterwards for autographs and pictures. The presentation consists of; HD PowerPoint slides, audience interaction, giveaways, an in depth analysis of both bullying and cyberbullying, awareness, consequence and prevention information, a moment of silence for those who just couldn’t take it anymore, two question and answer periods, and finally climaxes with a LIVE performance of the “I Am Stronger” song. The video is played on the projector while Unkle Adams performs the song. Each school is required to provide a sound system and a wireless hand held microphone for Unkle Adams to perform with.

“It is one of the best anti-bullying resources I have ever used and I am very picky”Susan McLean (27 year police officer and Australia’s leading Cyber Safety Expert)

“He saved my daughter’s life”Thankful Parent

“Empowering kids to handle bullies is a mission for Unkle Adams”QC Magazine

“You are to be commended for your efforts to use your skills as a rapper/musician and motivational speaker to help young people understand the importance of good decision making”Regina Police Chief Troy Hagen

“Your presentation gave a young person in my school the courage to stand up to her bully. She came to me for help and we have now involved the RCMP. Keep fighting the good fight.”School Principal


Brentwood North Middle School (1080 and brighter 2)

Freedom presentation header (final)

Unkle Adams and JC Wylde were introduced in 2015 by a mutual friend. After hearing one of JC Wylde’s recordings, Unkle Adams was so impressed with his vocals that he reached out to him directly for a collaboration. The two got together and began brainstorming on a song idea. The concept they came up with was to make a song about freedom which they appropriately titled “Freedom.” The song’s meaning is of up-most importance to both men. JC Wylde is a former drug addict, alcoholic, gang member, and criminal who changed his life around. Unkle Adams comes from a negative past as well, although not as severe as JC Wylde’s past, he did struggle with addictions such as alcohol, cigarettes, and gambling. Both men completely changed their lives around by concurring their addictions and focusing their energy towards their career goals by changing their thinking and implementing the Law of Attraction. Now the duo are on a mission to help other people break free from their addictions and mental limits. “The Freedom Presentation” is a truly unique and highly effective way of getting inside the minds of people who are living a negative lifestyles to rewire their thinking patterns. Unkle Adams and JC Wylde each tell their stories and explain how they overcame their addictions. They display pictures on a projector as they speak. JC Wylde talk about the time he spent in Stony Mountain Penitentiary and how he had to eliminate the negative people from his old life to begin his new life. Unkle Adams shows pictures of his old self; an overweight, unhealthy man who lacked confidence. This presentation’s effectiveness speaks for itself because the duo are living proof that their methods of conquering addiction and self doubt work wonders. Through the “The Freedom Presentation” they teach the audience not only how to break free from addiction and negative people, but also how to tap into the limitless potential inside of the human mind. Unkle Adams and JC Wylde perform their song “Freedom” as a finale and then stick around for pictures and autographs afterwards.